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How It all Started

puddles-the-pup.jpgIn 2003 a new white ball of fluff was brought into a spotless new home. His name was Coconut (alias: Puddles). Puddles was 13 weeks old and was already "potty trained" to pee on white shredded paper. To his owner's dismay - lots of things in the home seem like white shredded paper: bathmats, towels, carpet, a flokati rug...

What a Mess! Soo Expensive!

Despite my best efforts and I tried everything:

  • crate training
  • walking every hour
  • brief interlude with "pee pads" until his 87 pound Bulldog brother was insulted by this urine stained mat and shredded it...
  • seven years of pee on my floors
  • 28 professional capet cleanings
  • undocumented purchases of hopeful Stain Removers
  • 20 Do-It-Yourselfer Steam Cleaner Rentals 
  • one $235 Hoover Spin Cleaner 
  • over $10,000 in replaced carpets for 5 different apartments later 

=I was at my wits end!

Get Rid of the Dog?

There had to be a solution! Getting rid of Puddles was not even an option - EVER (he was forever in my heart with those puppy dog eyes!!). Keeping him in a crate 23 hours a day was not working (he learned to lift his leg and pee out of his crate after a while!). It was impossible to catch him in the act - he seems to have Einstein intelligence. Through trial and error the next 2 years were spent making a solution a reality. 

Enter: The Housebreaker

With the first use - I was catching Puddles in the act. Taking him outside and retraining him (this would have been nice to have, say, 9 years ago!!)
       No pee on my floors!
              The clouds parted.
                    The angel's sang.

My friend's (and future mother in law) stopped cringing when I suggested bringing Puddles along for coffee
       ...My sanity restored.
                  My spotless home in order.
                       No more "YOUR dog peed on the floor - again!" 
                                AHHHH. This is what it was meant to be like. 

I wish you the same. 

If your are ready to start enjoying a clean home: