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The Housebreaker is designed to prevent any accidents from occuring in your home and to immediately begin modifying your pet's behavior pattern. The Housebreaker works on both puppies and adult dogs. The Housebreaker is very easy to use and designed to be comfortable and harmless to your pet.

The Wet-Sensor is highly sensitive and designed to detect very small amounts of moisture. Within one or two drops of urine the Wet-Sensor will send a signal to sound the Alarm. The Alarm can be up to 30 feet away from your pet and has an adjustable volume. Many people keep the alarm in their pocket or on the counter. 

The Alarm serves two purposes: 

    1. Instantly notifies you that your pet tried to pee

    2. Instantly gives your pet an audible correction 

Since all pet training experts recommend that your give your pet "constant supervision" and try to "catch your pet in the act of peeing" - The Housebreaker does both for you with very little effort on your part, making the process easy for you.

Often pets give no signal that they are about to pee in the house or they pee during that one moment when you have your head turned. This makes "catching them in the act" very difficult. The Housebreaker will catch your dog trying to pee in your home every time - and prevent any messes - avoiding the nasty clean up and assisting in the training process.

 If you are seeking detailed explainations on how to use The Housebreaker in a diaper for a Female Dog or a Male Wrap for Male Dog - See Videos below.



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