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Worked at the Halloween party  
Posted by Lila and Brody in Austin, TX on 4th Nov 2012

I have a new Morkie puppy (named Brody) and was going to a Halloween Party at my boss's house. My boss loves puppies and wanted me to bring my puppy but I wasn't excited about watching him during the entire party and I also didn't want to have to play for a carpet cleaning (and be embarrassed) if little Brody decided to pee on something. Brody was dressed as a Bumble Bee and I just put his male wrap and The Housebreaker on him and didn't hav eto worry at all. Some of my coworkers were joking about it but my boss thought it was great (yeah - pretty sure he liked that I thought ahead about not ruining his nice house). I got to score bonus points with the boss and have a carefree time. 

P.S. He did try to pee on the floor one time and I was able to bring him out and got to leave the party without any embarrassments or having to apologize. That alone was worth it. Brody is wearkiing this sucker to Thanksgiving at my grandma's house. 

It works!  
Posted by Buddy's Daddy on 15th Sept 2012

Buddy is a 9 year old bichon who was sort of housebroken but was very territorial. He would pee on the floor when other dogs would visit or if I shared my bed with someone other than him. Even after emptying his bladder tousdie eh would do this. The behavior got worst and I found this site. I tried it on him adn he begain to makr teh rug. The alarm when off and hewas corrected and ran to his crate. He wasn't pee on the floor in a week! The only thing is that the larm is too sensitive! he is a male dog! Male dogs drip smegma when excited or "having a naughty dream" which will sound the alarm causing false readings! To correct this issue fold and slide a piece of paper towel on top of the sensor or a flat peice of foam so that it will collect the male drippings and not sound the alarm. If he pees it will soak in fast enough to sound the alarm and propertly correct him for it. The alarm going off while you and ur pet are sleeping is hair pulling! so do this and everything will be fine!

This alarm stopped my dog from peeing everywhere! So glad I got this thing. 
Posted by Rebecca and Lola on 12th Sept 2012

About 7 months ago I got a golden retriever puppy. This wasn't my first do so I was pretty sure I could handle training him. I figured I would jsut do what I had done with all myother dogs that were are all potty trained. Now he was 9 months old I was getting so angry all the time because he just as not learning. I was doing everything right and he was still peeing in the house!! Let me tell you a 9 month old golden retriever makes a pretty big mess so I was freaking out. He was  old enough to be able to hold it but just seemed to choose to pee in side anyway. When I called the 800 number they suggested I either use the disposable male wraps or use a Depends inside the washable male wrap and that really helped keep the pee of the house while we trained him. When I used the alarm thingy it was really sensitive and would go off right away. That really helped because I wasn't catching him peeing before. We have been working with him and keeping him in a crate when we are not home. He wears the alarm at night just in case but has been good. Last week he didn't have any accidents at all. I am going to keep using this until I am sure sure but so far it has been a life saver. I will check back in and let you know how things are going in a couple weeks but right now this has been the only thing that has helped. 

Basic Operant Conditioning works as it should 
Posted by Dr. Steve, PsyD and Napoleon on 11th Aug 2012

As a professional Behavioral Psychologist I knew this product would work based on the priciples of operant conditioning. Teh immediate alarm would condition the dog to associate urinating inside with something unpleasant - either the sound of hte alarm or the owner giving a firm scolding and redirecting the animal outside. I wasn't confident that the product wold hold up to the claims, be quality (with all the cheap chinese junk online), and actually work. I was very pleased with the quality of the product adn the packaging. It also worked like a charm! Skinner would be proud. 

This thing might have saved my relationship 
Posted by Marissa on 11th Aug 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for making this product. I was beginning to think that my only options were to keep cleaning up messes (not interested in being a dog's maid!!) or to get rid of my boyfreind's dog (he wasn't too excited when I suggested that either - I think that would have been the end of our relationship). This was much easier and better. No more messes and no more fights. Very cool!!

Happy custoomer 
Posted by Valorie and Skittles in San Francisco, CA on 10th Jul 2012

Skittles was driving me crazy peeing on my stuff until I got The Housebreaker. Now I don't have to worry about him peeing on anything. This thing works great. I will keep telling my friends about it. My mom thinks I am crazy and wanted me to rub his nose in the pee but I kep reading that that was not good for Skittles. I wouldn't want my nose in pee, either. Great product! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, thanks for the samples. I like these disposable wraps. They are really easy to use. Ordering more today.

Great Customer Service and the sensor worked 
Posted by Aldwin Meyer in Atlanta, GA on 10th Jul 2012

I had questions so I called the 800 number and the guy was really nice and helpful. Once I ordered - I received it really fast. The packaging was really nice and professional. While playing with the sensor - it went off from the moisture on my fingertips. This thing is really sensitive!! Good thing dogs don't sweat! I am happy so far. No messes to clean off the floor yet!

So Glad I bought This 

Posted by Gerrard Moulahan on 26th Jun 2012

My crazy dog had been peeing in the house for almost 6 months!! I was sick of it but I haven't cleaned up any pee in 4 weeks!!! The Housebreaker makes my life easier and my house cleaner.

I'm Glad to be done potty training 
Posted by Melissa and Tanner in Chicago on 26th Jun 2012

I bought The Housebreaker before my Yorkie, Tanner, came home from the breeder because I didn't want any messes on my new floors (well I didn't want any messes at all really). Tanner is my first dog and I wanted to do everything right. He was really good and didn't even try to have an accident in the house at first but I was taking him out so much he didn't have a chance. One time he was playing with us in the living room and all the sudden the alarm went off. I thought it was a mistake since he didn't show any signs that he needed to go potty (spinning sniffing whatever) but sure enough he did have to go and the alarm caught him and there wasn't any pee on the floors. I guess The Housebreaker paid for itself since he hasn't tried to pee on the floor since then and I don't have to try and get the pee out of the carpets either. 
Thank you!

The product worked as described and arrived very fast 
Posted by Beth and Mark (NYC for Life) on 16th Jun 2012

I don't like to buy stuff online but nothing in the pet stores was helping me get my jack russel terrier to quit marking on the furniture and I didn't want to keep cleaning pee of my stuff. I already had a male wrap so I just ordered the basic kit. 

It was so awesome the first time he tried to pee on my couch I wasn't even looking. The red alarm started to chirp and he stopped right away. He was so sneaky I didn't even see him at first but he hasn't tried to pee on the furniture in about a week so I am thinking he is trained already. I will write more if anything changes.

My Sweet Puppy was Potty Trained So Fast! Thank you! 
Posted by Lisa M. on 10th Jun 2012

I wasn't excited about training another puppy. I love puppies but the thought of training a new puppy did not excite me so when I brought my new lab mix home from the shelter we used The Housebreaker on the first day. We used a crate when we weren't home and had her wear a diaper (we had a cute hot pink one that matched her collar) and we turned on the alarm while she played in the living room. She gave almost not warning and started to pee right in the middle of the floor! That would've sucked but the Alarm went off immediately and we took her out. There was no pee on the floor. It was crazy - she never tried to pee on the floor again after that first day! I already recommended this thing to my cousin who is getting a puppy in a month. This was way faster and easier than the way I used to do it.

Wow. I Thought this day would never come!!! My house is clean again  

Posted by Allison Bruxton on 26th Jun 2012

Just wanted to say "thank you" because I have been finding pee in the house for so long and it was so gross and I was sick of it. I needed something that worked or I was going to lose my mind!!! The Housebreaker was easy and simple and it worked. I haven't had to clean up pee from my family room carpet for 3 weeks which is a miracle in my house. It was so bad before but now I have a clean home.

I didn't think this would work but it DID! I'm a believer 

Posted by Bridgette in Santa Monica, CA on 22nd Jun 2012

Nothing was working for Butters. We started thinking we should just accept the messes and tear out all the carpet (even in the bedrooms) but now we don't have to. He stopped peeing everywhere. He wasn't cured in one day (it took him several days) and he set that alarm off alot but no more. We are so excited. Thank you. We told everyone at our daughter's birthday party and were demonstrating how it works. I love being the first of my friends to have the cool stuff so it was fantastic!

Arrived Fast, Easy to use 

Posted by Maddock Family on 22nd Jun 2012

Hi Housebreaker Team,
We received our package today and ordered 2 days ago. It got here fast. Thanks for your help selecting sizes on the phone. Fits perfect!
Maddock Family

Don't like outfits, liked the fast results 

Posted by Eric and Thor on 18th Jun 2012

I had a boy lab that was peeing in my house. It was getting pretty bad and I was always yelling at him for peeing but he just didn't get it. I got the belly band and the alarm. He tried to pee on my chair and the alarm went off right away and busted him. I liked that. I didn't like using the washable belly bands because I don't like to do laundry (even with the mini pad a little pee gets on the cloth sometimes) but the disposable one that came free in the kit was perfect. I ordered a package of those and he wasn't peeing on my stuff after a couple weeks of catching him. I kept him in his crate while I was at work so that wasn't a problem ever. I think he is done peeing on my stuff because he hasn't made the alarm go off or tried to pee inside for like 6 weeks now. Good thing because my new girlfriend didn't want to move in when my dog was peeing every where but now she stays over more and is starting to get along more with Thor. He's a good dog so I am glad he stopped peeing on stuff. Nothing else helped so I wanted to write you and thank you.

I take Trixie everywhere now. She was so cute in her diaper but doesn't wear it anymore. 

Posted by Betsy and Trixie on 18th Jun 2012

At first I was having Trixie wear the diaper with the alarm everywhere just in case but she really doesn't need it anymore since she hasn't had an accident since the first week. All my girlfriends thought she looked like a baby! It was too cute!

Worked perfectly. I have been telling everyone about this thing. 

Posted by Ashlee S. on 18th Jun 2012

This made training my new french buldog really easy! I couldn't believe how fast it worked. I keep telling all my friends about.

Worked like a charm on Sassy 

Posted by Brit on 16th Jun 2012

I bought this before my teacup Yorkie Sassy came home from the breeder. I was not taking any chances that she would be hard to train so I just got this thing. She was so cute in her hot pink diaper (just like a fluffball baby!) she tried to pee in my house 3 times in one day and the alarm went off each time and I took her out. On day 2 she only tried to pee inside once and didn't try again after that so far. It has been nice to not have to clean up any piddle off the floor. i love puppies but stinky houses gross me out. This was so so easy.

Made Puppy Training Easy 

Posted by Mark Lewis on 11th Jun 2012

I had a crate already so I got the Premium version and it included a ton of stuff so I was ready to start training my puppy. Everything arrived fast and it was easy to use. I wasn't excited about my dog wearing a diaper but it was very helpful to not have any pee to clean up. My dog was trained after 2 or 3 times of the Alarm going off. I wish I had this for my last dog. 

Are you ready for a potty trained pup?