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The Housebreaker Kit - Premium (Includes Diaper or Belly Band)

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Product Description

 The Housebreaker Kit - Premium (Everything you need in one convenient package)

The Housebreaker Kit is an innovative system that helps you quickly, easily, and safely housetrain your pet - saving you time, money, and frustration. If you have a pet that is peeing inside, marking on your furniture, or urinating anywhere you do not want - The Housebreaker can help. The Housebreaker can also be useful in alerting you if you have an incontinent pet or a female in heat so that the pet does not need to wear a soiled garment (the volume is adjustable for these different uses). 

The Housebreaker Kit - Premium includes:


  1. Wireless Alarm (senses events within 30 feet, adjustable sound volume)
  2. Wireless Wet-Sensor (patented technolgy, senses urine within 1-2 drops and uses a microprossor to transmit a wireless signal to the Alarm)
  3. Attachment Sleeve (high-tech neoprene and mesh is easy to keep clean and attaches the Wet-Sensor direclty against the source of the urine, Made in USA)
  4. Attachment Clips (2) (stainless steele, Made in USA)
  5. Batteries included internally
  6. User Manual and Training Tips Booklet
  7. PLUS your selection of either a Washable Diaper (for a female dog) OR a Washable Male Wrap (for a male wrap)
  8. PLUS FREE mini-pad for inside the diaper or belly band
  9. PLUS FREE sample of a disposable diaper or disposable belly band
  10. PLUS unlimited phone and email support

The Housebreaker Kit includes everything you will need to fully train your pup.  

The innovative technology solves the age-old problem of having pet accidents in your home. While wearing the diaper or belly band prevents any pet accidents from ever getting on your floors or furniture - The Housebreaker Kit helps you catch your pet in the act of trying to soil your home. The first drop of urine on the Wet Sensor causes the Alarm to sound. This startles your pet (causing it to immediately stop peeing) and allows you to correct your pet's behavior and show him or her where you want them to eliminate. If The Housebreaker is used anytime you are home and the pet is unsupervised - you will catch your pet in the act as long as the dog is within 30 feet of the Alarm. If you have a large home or thick walls, you may want to purchase an additional Alarm to increase the range of detection. 

Tips and Tricks Use the Attachment Clips and the Attachment Sleeve to position the Wet-Sensor's black strips directly against the origin of the urine stream within the belly band or diaper. The logo on the Attachment Clips should be on the outside of the garment and the clutch should be betwen the two black paw-shaped flaps of the Attaachment Sleeve. The two black paw shaped flaps will protect your pet's skin from the back of the Attachment Clips, keeping your pup comfortable. 

The Wet Sensor should be washed gently with a mild detergent to remove any urine and allowed to dry thoroughly after each use. 

With consistent use, The Housebreaker has been proven in trials to housetrain dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Eliminate pet pee in your home. House train your puppy. No more dog pee on your floor. Order now or call for more details. 

Size Charts

If you choose to use a diaper for your male dog: To insure a proper fit for the anatomy of your male dog, choose the next largest size.

Diapers                                Belly Bands / Male Wraps

 Size  Sample Breeds

Waist Size*

Pet Weight

Young Puppies

Toy Breeds

 9-14 in.

4-8 lbs. 




12-19 in.

8-15 lbs.



Miniature Poodle

15-23 in.

15-35 lbs.


Basset Hound

Bull Terrier

18-27 in.

35-55 lbs.


German Sheperd


22-35 in.

55-90 lbs.

Size Sample Breeds Waist Size* Pet Weight

Young Puppies


Toy Breeds



Miniature Poodle

8-19 in. 0-15 lbs.




Miniature Poodle

13-21 in. 15-45 lbs.

Basset Hound

Bull Terrier

German Shepherd


18-35 in. 45-90 lbs.





















*If your dog is between sizes, go to the next larger size especially if you intend to use a absorbant pad.

Click here to see the Operating Instuctions Booklet

Warranty Information

At The Housebreaker, Inc. we strive to meet or exceed expectations. The Housebreaker product is warranteed against manufacturer defects. If you discover a manufacturer defect, please contact us immediately. If it is determined that the product is defective, we will repair or replace the defective parts. This warrantee is valid as long as you contact us within 14 days of receipt.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Happy customer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jul 2012

    Skittles was driving me crazy peeing on my stuff until I got The Housebreaker. Now I don't have to worry about him peeing on anything. This thing works great. I will keep telling my friends about it. My mom thinks I am crazy and wanted me to rub his nose in the pee but I kept reading that that is not good for Skittles. I wouldn't want my nose in pee, either. Great product! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, thanks for the samples. I like these disposable wraps. They are really easy to use. Ordering more today.

  2. Great customer service and the sensor worked 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jul 2012

    I had questions so I called the 800 number and the guy was really nice and helpful. Once I ordered - I received it really fast. The packaging was nice and professional. While playing with the sensor - it went off from the moisture on my fingertips. This thing is really sensitive!! Good thing dogs don't sweat! I am happy so far. No messes to clean off the floor yet!

  3. Wow. I Thought this day would never come!!! My house is clean again 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jun 2012

    Just wanted to say "thank you" because I have been finding pee in the house for so long and it was so gross and I was sick of it. I needed something that worked or I was going to lose my mind!!! The Housebreaker was easy and simple and it worked. I haven't had to clean up pee from my family room carpet for 3 weeks which is a miracle in my house. It was so bad before but now I have a clean home.

  4. I didn't think this would work but it DID! I'm a believer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2012

    Nothing was working for Butters. We started thinking we should just accept the messes and tear out all the carpet (even in the bedrooms) but now we don't have to. He stopped peeing everywhere. He wasn't cured in one day (it took him several days) and he set that alarm off alot but no more. We are so excited. Thank you. We told everyone at our daughter's birthday party and were demonstrating how it works. I love being the first of my friends to have the cool stuff so it was fantastic!

  5. Arrived Fast, Easy to use 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2012

    Hi Housebreaker Team,
    We received our package today and ordered 2 days ago. It got here fast. Thanks for your help selecting sizes on the phone. Fits perfect!
    Maddock Family

  6. Don't like outfits, liked the fast results 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2012

    I had a boy lab that was peeing in my house. It was getting pretty bad and I was always yelling at him for peeing but he just didn't get it. I got the belly band and the alarm. He tried to pee on my chair and the alarm went off right away and busted him. I liked that. I didn't like using the washable belly bands because I don't like to do laundry (even with the mini pad a little pee gets on the cloth sometimes) but the disposable one that came free in the kit was perfect. I ordered a package of those and he wasn't peeing on my stuff after a couple weeks of catching him. I kept him in his crate while I was at work so that wasn't a problem ever. I think he is done peeing on my stuff because he hasn't made the alarm go off or tried to pee inside for like 6 weeks now. Good thing because my new girlfriend didn't want to move in when my dog was peeing every where but now she stays over more and is starting to get along more with Thor. He's a good dog so I am glad he stopped peeing on stuff. Nothing else helped so I wanted to write you and thank you.

  7. I take Trixie everywhere now. She was so cute in her diaper but doesn't wear it anymore. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2012

    At first I was having Trixie wear the diaper with the alarm everywhere just in case but she really doesn't need it anymore since she hasn't had an accident since the first week. All my girlfriends thought she looked like a baby! It was too cute!

  8. Worked perfectly. I have been telling everyone about this thing. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2012

    This made training my new french buldog really easy! I couldn't believe how fast it worked. I keep telling all my friends about.

  9. Worked like a charm on Sassy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jun 2012

    I bought this before my teacup Yorkie Sassy came home from the breeder. I was not taking any chances that she would be hard to train so I just got this thing. She was so cute in her hot pink diaper (just like a fluffball baby!) she tried to pee in my house 3 times in one day and the alarm went off each time and I took her out. On day 2 she only tried to pee inside once and didn't try again after that so far. It has been nice to not have to clean up any piddle off the floor. i love puppies but stinky houses gross me out. This was so so easy.

  10. Made Puppy Training Easy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2012

    I had a crate already so I got the Premium version and it included a ton of stuff so I was ready to start training my puppy. Everything arrived fast and it was easy to use. I wasn't excited about my dog wearing a diaper but it was very helpful to not have any pee to clean up. My dog was trained after 2 or 3 times of the Alarm going off. I wish I had this for my last dog.

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