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Woman Owned West Michigan Business Helps Pet Owners Housebreak Their Pets using Technology


If you think you can't teach an old dog new tricks - think again. Two years ago a woman in West Michigan finally figured out a way to house train her 7 year-old Maltese (appropriately nicknamed Puddles) after he soiled her floors for 7 years - crushing the old adage about old dogs and their abilty to learn new tricks. After all other traditional methods failed (crate training, frequent walks, pricey enzyem cleaners, expensive services), she decided there must be a better way. While researching online she discovered a brilliant doctor in New Zealand who had developed a patented technology to help end nighttime bedwetting in children (enuresis). He had used the technology safely for over 20 years, perfecting it and getting a better than 92% success rate! As thrilling as this was - dogs are not exactly chilldren. It would take some redesign to make the technology work for dogs who want to pee all over your house. So that is what she did. She named the product "The Housebreaker" and now enjoys a home without pee in it. 

The Housebreaker helps you house train your dog by harmless behavior modification. The Housebreaker uses an Attachment Sleeve to clip a highly sensitive moisture sensor, the Wet-Sensor, to a Diaper or Belly Band. When your dog tries to pee in your house - the Wet Sensor sets off the Alarm. The pet is unharmed but hears the alarm and stops peeing. You then take the dog where you want him or her to pee and "voila!". Your dog quickly learns that peeing inside the house is off limits. The added bonus, on top of the quick and safe housetraining of your pet, is that there will never be any pee on your floors or furniture. The Diaper or Belly Band traps any pee - preventing the urine from soiling your home. 

5% of the Proceeds from the sale of The Housebreaker Kit always go to charity.